8 Amenities Buyers Want in South Bay Real Estate

Home Automation, Luxury Master Suites, and Other Features Today’s Homebuyer Want.

Is buying or selling Manhattan Beach real estate or homes in other South Bay areas on your agenda in the near future? Whether you are buying or selling, learning more about what amenities are currently in demand will help you make solid decisions about your future. The pandemic has changed what many homebuyers are looking for in a property, and keeping these changes in mind will help you either prepare your home for listing or assist you when you develop your own wish list for what you’d like in a new house. Here are six amenities that are popular in South Bay real estate.

1. Fantastic Location

Located in sunny southern California, the South Bay area offers homes with some of the best views and waterfront locations in the world. When prospective buyers start looking for homes for sale in Redondo Beach, they are often searching for that perfect property that offers a view of the ocean as well as easy access to nearby amenities. Homebuyers realized how much their personal residences influenced their happiness during the pandemic, which has led many to seek out new homes in resort-like locations that offer the ultimate luxury of living.

2. Hardwood Floors

Over the past few years, hardwood floors have soared in popularity and are now by far the most desirable type of flooring for those looking at homes for sale in Redondo Beach. Though many are willing to settle for imitation hardwood floors made out of porcelain tile or vinyl planks, discerning home buyers usually want the real deal. Not only are real hardwood floors comfortable and warm, but they can also last for decades as long as they are properly cared for. You can get hardwood floors in a variety of different stains, colors, textures, and styles to match your unique needs and decorating tastes.

3. High-End Kitchens

When potential buyers are looking at
homes for sale in Redondo Beach, they are on the lookout for kitchens where they can easily entertain, gather with their families, or prepare a gourmet meal. Built-in wine refrigerators, stainless steel appliances, granite countertops, and double farmhouse sinks are just a few of the amenities buyers are searching for when they enter the kitchen. Eat-in kitchens are also popular so that homeowners can easily chat with guests or family members while they cook.

4. Luxurious Master Suites

When spas and salons closed during the pandemic, those who owned Manhattan Beach real estate turned to their own homes to create a relaxing and pampering experience. Many realized that their homes were not up to the task, leading to a slew of Californians who put their homes on the market and started looking for a luxury home that better fit their needs. Newly remodeled or constructed homes for sale in Redondo Beach and other South Bay areas are now featuring open concept master suites with little separating the bed and bath areas. Others feature sliding glass walls that open up to a screened-in porch or balcony or a master bedroom fireplace. Of course, no master suite is complete without a customer master bedroom closet with his and her spaces for clothes, shoes, and other necessities.

5. Enhanced Outdoor Spaces

Southern Californians love to be outside, and who can blame them? With views of the ocean, plenty of sun, and mild temps, this area is made for outdoor lounging. During the pandemic, homeowners found themselves turning to their decks, patios, and balconies for a vacation-like retreat. This led many to perform remodeling projects to turn their spaces into
outdoor rooms that included kitchens, nap spaces, water elements, or alfresco dining and drinking nooks. Others decided their outdoor spaces weren’t up to par and decided to start looking for homes for sale in Redondo Beach that offered better outdoor amenities.

6. Dedicated Office Spaces

Though many Californians have returned to their offices either part or full-time after working remotely during the heart of the pandemic, the need for dedicated home office space is still high. Office space can be as simple as a closed-off corner of a living room, but those who are looking for Manhattan Beach real estate usually want something more elaborate. Rooms with technology that enable video meetings and soundproofing to keep outside distractions to a minimum are in demand, as are rooms that feature luxurious woodwork and built-in cabinetry.

7. Home Automation

According to a recent survey, 81% of real estate agents state that their clients are seeking smart homes when they start looking for Manhattan Beach real estate and properties in other parts of the U.S. Buyers want homes that are equipped with technology that is voice-activated and that also lets them operate systems remotely. They want to be able to open locked doors from their office located miles away, ensure their front porch and living room lights are turned on to greet them when they pull into the driveway, and that their possessions are secured by top-of-the-line security systems.

8. Energy Efficient Windows and Appliances

Southern Californians are environmentally conscious, and most of those looking at homes for sale in Redondo Beach want to make sure they are buying a property that reflects that. Not only do homes with energy-efficient appliances and windows help out their environment, but they also help cut down on utility bills and ensure homes are comfortable year-round. Energy-Star windows and appliances are musts for those who are remodeling prior to selling if they want to appeal to today’s buyers.

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